Road Map
Q4 2021
  • Listing Pancakeswap ✔
  • Listing Coinmarketcap and Coingecko ✔
  • First drop genesis ✔
Q1 2022
  • New Whitepaper ✔
  • New Website ✔
  • International Marketing.
  • Physical products for Genesis Drop.
  • International Marketplace.
  • Staking NFT and TOKEN.
  • New drop.
Q2 2022
  • New listing exchange .
  • Android and IOS Applications.
  • New Stablecoin for Marketplace: USD $KALI.
Q3 2022
  • Implementation of the physical products, discounts, VIP entry.
  • Establishment of privileged partnerships with companies.
Q4 2022
  • Private party in Paris or Dubai for the $KALI community. Meet the team/
  • KALISSA Enters the Metaverse
The ultimate goal of Kalissa is to make crypto-currencies, NFTs and the metaverse interlinked and accessible to the general public. This project is user-friendly, and for the whole world to join. The roadmap may be subject to change. We look forward to seeing what happens to this ecosystem and KALI will be the foundation of it all!
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